I get asked so frequently, “Are you guys like CrossFit®?”, that I’m going to start carrying around pre-printed cue cards to explain who we are.

Let’s get this out of the way first. No, we are not CrossFit. CrossFit is a brand, not a sport, and a philosophy we don’t prescribe too. However, we respect the brand and the people in it. We are a Strength & Conditioning gym that is run by a Strength & Conditioning Coach. So how is that any different?

We prescribe to a philosophy that there must be a purpose to what you are doing. The purpose can be as generally or as specifically defined as you’d like. I find little significance in measuring levels of fitness by the performance of a random workout on any given day. As a Strength & Conditioning Coach nothing is random. What we program for our member’s have purpose and are designed to progressively make them better. That is the profession of what we do. Beside the fact that the 60 year old individual has far different needs than the 25 year old which drives home the point that training should follow an objective. There is a reason why all major sports franchises hire Strength Coaches and not Crossfit Coaches. We have a background in exercise physiology that is incomparable to any Crossfit Trainer. We design our programs with specific intent to improve your health, your ability to move, mobilize, stabilize, and make you stronger and more resilient. Who doesn’t want that?

What this means for you?  Ultimately, making you progressively better is what we do.

Choosing to train at the Wolf Den isn’t easy. That does not mean that you must be some elite athlete to train here. On the contrary, we take anyone who is first willing to accept this basic tenet: the willingness to work really damn hard. With that in mind, you can be a couch potato 200lbs overweight but realize that the pain of dying is far worse than the pain of losing that 200lbs that got you there in the first place. You see, the objective isn’t to lose 200lbs, the objective is to save your life. At the Wolf Den, a client like this is what we live for. Someone who will show up, week in and week out. Someone who realizes what is at stake and accepts the truth behind their purpose. Someone who walks in with a blank slate and wants to truly change his or her life.

We take all new members as individuals. Although training is eventually done in a group setting, every current member knows that they are on a different path and defines that purpose as they progress. This is the individual attention you will get here that you will not get elsewhere. One member recently described it as:

“The personal touch. It’s how you figure out where each of us are weak and find ways to make us better.”

We lead by example. As Coaches, we don’t hesitate to walk into the fire right along with you. It’s what we live for. We never ask our members to do anything we aren’t first willing to do ourselves. Our greatest potential is found when we are in the most uncomfortable positions in life but refuse to give up. When we refuse to choose mediocrity as our measure. We expect more from ourselves and expect more from you.

We all want to improve. We want you to improve. Begin your journey by attending one of our FREE Saturday classes (here). No experience is necessary. Registration takes a few seconds. Don’t think about it, just do it. You will not regret your choice.