PRIME Training Group

Class Times


5 a.m.
6 a.m.
12 p.m.
5:15 p.m.

Our PRIME Training Group trains 3x/week on each Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Each class is approximately 1 hour and will include a mobility/warm-up session followed by one or more training sessions. PRIME Training is not only intense, but it is designed to get you Strong. It is our elite training. Without a doubt it will push you to your limits. Please contact us to get started.

Personal One-On-One Training

Class Times

Typically T/Th

By appointment 9a-5p

Private One-on-One Training is the best option if you are concerned about starting a program and need extra time or care to get you on the path to better health. Working one-on-one with us is sometimes the best way to get started before moving on to our small Group Training.

This is also a great option if you have some form of limiting injury or have completed a PT program and are looking to continue getting better and stronger. We often get referrals from local MD’s, PT’s, Chiros, and Sports Coaches because we have a reputation for exceptional work & specialized attention. Call and schedule your assessment today.

Sports Performance Training

Class Times


Typically afternoon hours

We offer exceptional Sports Performance training for a variety of sports year round for Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Rowing, and others.

The training your young athlete will receive is second to none. If you want your athlete to improve in their sport, this is their game changer.

Please contact us to schedule an Athlete Assessment and to inquire about space in the program.

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