John K Pitkethly – Licensed Mental Health CounselorMALMHC

The relationship between a counselor and client is unique. I am a trained therapist who uses modern, evidenced based, therapeutic strategies and techniques and who is also outside of your daily life and social circles. My role is to listen to better understand you, to empathize with you without prejudice and judgment, validate your feelings (because how we feel is how we feel) and to help you develop strategies for overcoming life’s obstacles. You cannot offend me in a therapeutic session and you can speak freely and openly about anything you think or feel, being free to express yourself.

Q. What methods do I use?
A. I utilize Coginitive-Behavioral Therapy, but can also bring in elements of Christian (as well as other faith-based) techniques, Humanistic and Existential therapy when needed or requested. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and ADHD. I also provide a comfortable, welcoming environment where you can just relax and be the authentic you.

Q. How do I know this will work for me?
A. I have personal experience with mental health issues and I understand the thoughts and feelings of pain and hopelessness that accompany them. I know how disruptive and overwhelming they can be in our every day life. I see my position not as a job, but as a calling, and my place is not designed to look through you, but to help you through.

Q. Why are you a part of Wolf Health & Performance Group?
A. I was struggling with my health and I was ready to make a drastic change. I looked around at a number of facilities and decided to come talk to Rob at Wolf Health & Performance Group. Not only was able to speak openly and honestly about my health, but he assured me that my life was about to change. I became a client and started a personalized program to include bloodwork, diet, heart health, liver, cholesterol, habits, and real ways to improve my health and accelerate my weight loss safely. This changed everything for me. We looked at medications, I learned how to eat properly, and I continue to improve daily. Rob and I were in agreement that mental health is an integral process for lifestyle changes as it is often rooted in depression, illness, and past trauma. Together, we joined forces and now have a winning team to help you overcome life’s challenges. 

Contact John Directly at (352) 246-2444 or click email link below