There are no quick fixes. This concept is driven home from the first time anyone walks into Wolf Den Strength. Everyone is treated based on individual needs. It’s a difficult task but one that is paramount for us to help you get better. We care about you enough to tell you the truth.

Let me introduce you to Eliseo. Eliseo was on the fence about starting a training program like most of you are, or have been at one point. Well, he was more than on the fence. Terrified is more like it. I can’t blame him. Looking at the vast sea of fitness posts on social media scares most people. Except Eliseo was at a tipping point and he was ready to change his life but, he didn’t know how.

Which gym does he join? What kind of training does he need? Will he be able to do what everyone else does? Will his individual needs be met? All great and relevant questions.

That last question, “Will his individual needs be met”, is the most important for us at the Wolf Den. As far as we are concerned, every single person that comes to us has unique needs and is walking their individual path. Eliseo is a perfect example of that belief. He defined his goals as wanting to be able to run around with his nephew. He wanted to be the uncle that was always ready and willing to play. He also wanted to be around long enough to be that man to his nephew. You see, his nephew was just born. His goals, not necessarily in this order, were to get stronger, lose weight, be able to run around without being winded, and regain being mobile and agile. Good we said, we can fix that. Here he is pulling a sled:

Eliseo 012016

Step One
Get his nutrition in check. Small changes equal big results. Eliseo partnered with our healthy food Ufit Meals service to take the guess work out of at least two of his meals per day. This saved him money, time, and the painful thought process of wondering what and how to eat. He was immediately restoring years of damage by eating high quality food tailored to meet his immediate needs. During his continued training he will learn how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. One small step at a time.

Step Two
Assessment. Evaluate where he is and where he’s going. We aren’t just talking about goals. You can’t reach your destination if your vehicle isn’t working right. Shoulders not working properly? We started to work on that. Work capacity in the dumps? Let’s work on that. Want to know how bad he was? His first day he couldn’t get through a basic mobility assessment. No problem. We can fix that.

Step Three
Training. While working on building his work capacity we also started working on his strength ability one session at a time. He just Deadlifted 245lbs last week right after he learned how to perform a proper Deadlift. It’s amazing what real coaching can do for someone.

Step Four
Assess and Reassess. We aren’t talking about what he can lift. We are talking about how his body is responding physiologically and how his brain is responding psychologically. After all, we understand that physical training is easy. However, psychological training is very difficult and that is where we differ from anyone else in this market. I don’t care who you are, the body will break down long before the mind will. Eliseo is learning about his own potential and gaining confidence at every session.

Step Five
Recovery. Part of our training program has just as much to do when you aren’t here as when you are here. This is where real Coaching takes a sharp ear and a watchful eye of the individual member to determine if what he or she is doing at home is working to help them improve.

Fast forward 5 weeks.

Eliseo is doing phenomenal. We’ve designed a unique program to get him geared to handle our Foundations classes. Reflecting back on what we said earlier, “everyone is treated based on individual needs.” Eliseo wasn’t thrown in to a cookie cutter “On-Ramp” class. We took where he was and built him up from there. It’s important so we do it.

He’s lost 20lbs and counting, feels great, and is experiencing improvements physically and emotionally. Shoulders aren’t hurting any longer thanks to some in-house therapy. His work capacity has improved drastically and continues to progress. He’s amazed that he’s accomplished so much in so little time. For us, it’s just another satisfied client.

We have all experienced that feeling of not being able to see the forest through the trees. When that happens in your life, you need someone to see the visible when the possibilities have become invisible to you. That is where we come in. All you need is to have a willingness to change. Stay tuned for more on Eliseo’s progress.

For more information on how to join our training facility contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.