The #1 reason I hear from people who are intimidated to join the gym is this: the assumption that everyone there is already in shape. I am here to tell you that is simply not true. It is my job, from the day you walk in, to help you get in shape and get stronger.

Everyone is Already in Shape

Clearly that can’t be the case when there are people of varying levels of fitness that participate in a Strength & Conditioning facility such as Wolf Den Strength. Of course, there are those that have been training for a while that have built up a powerful strength base and perform consistently well. That takes time. A lot of time. Like a couple of years of time.

However, most are just like you. They are struggling and learning. Despite their windsucking, the only difference between someone who is intimidated to start and someone training is that they simply decided to show up and get started. They didn’t wait for catastrophe and an ambulance ride. They took personal ownership of their current health outlook and decided it was time to make positive changes.

The reality is this – everyone in the gym is there for the same reason. To improve their life.

Your Coach Was Once Overweight

As human beings, we are far from perfect. I would bet my right ass cheek that most Trainers/Coaches out there that look so good today were once struggling just like you. I will speak for myself that I’ve been all over the spectrum in my life. When I was younger I competed seriously in Triathlons. When I started my career in law enforcement I gained massive weight while working undercover. I weighed over 250lbs and had a big gut.

Some years later, I lost all that weight and dropped down to 165lbs because my job required me to do so while serving in the military. Years later I gained weight again up to about 233lbs and it wasn’t muscle. Rice and beans didn’t miss me one bit.

In the last 4 years alone, I’ve fluctuated between 167lbs to where I am at today at 205lbs. I’ve used my own body to conduct my own trials of nutrition and strength training during varied phases. The point is that I too, am just like you.

Women are the Worst

Women seem to be the biggest perpetrators of the attitude, “I need to get in shape BEFORE I start the gym”. Don’t get me wrong, men do this often too. They suffer from the misconception that the gym means big and muscular and if they touch a barbell, suddenly spontaneous combustion will occur and they will become men. I assure you this is false. For men, it’s a manly man thing. Walking into a gym with the Dadbod in proud display after years of drive-thru breakfast and pizza take outs is not easy. But, ultimately the gym should be your go to place to get better, not a place to flash your feathers.

The other primary excuse I hear a lot from both genders is self-consciousness about their weight and performance. Think back when you applied for your present job. Were you an expert when you started? No, of course not. You had enough knowledge and skill for your employer to hire you and then they trained you how to perform to standard. It’s the exact same way for us. I totally expect you to be unprepared. In fact, I love it. It affords me an opportunity to help you because that is what I do. All that is required of you is to show up and try your best. The rest will come with time and persistence.

All I Need Is Cardio

I’m seriously not going to hammer this hard. With all the information out there, the only thing that really matters is your strength in the long term. You can become extremely conditioned through endless measures without being stuck to the treadmill or running till you drop and jack your knees. Ask any of our members. They can vouch for this fact.

Get Over Yourself

Seriously. Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Stop thinking you aren’t in shape. Stop thinking that you “can’t possibly do what they are doing in the [enter random gym You Tube video link here].”

At Wolf Den Strength, we have members from 25 to 73 years old. We’ve trained elementary & middle school athletes as young as between 10 and 15 successfully. The spectrum of members is wide. That’s what makes a true Strength & Conditioning facility unique. We don’t do cookie cutter. We recognize the uniqueness of the individual and train you accordingly right where you are at when you walk in the door.

So bring it on, belly fat and all. Don’t let your efforts to get in shape BEFORE you join interfere with giving yourself the gift of health and resiliency. Every single person at our gym started where you are right now and they aren’t shy about sharing their stories either.

All you have to do is call or stop by, and we’ll chat a while. I promise, it’ll change your life.

Here’s a short video of one of our phenomenal women who overcame her fears and is doing great!

Coach Rob