Eight months ago Eliseo started training with us at Wolf Den Strength. He had lofty goals to lose weight and get strong. On his first day at our gym, I almost referred him out to a cardiologist. His physical conditioning was in such dismay that his blood pressure tanked before we even started his warm-up. He was facing some major hurdles but instead of giving up, he hunkered down and found his resolve to fight back. If you didn’t read his very moving story back in January 2016, you should: Eliseo’s Journey Part I.  

Today, Eliseo is making amazing strides physically, mentally, and is a top performer at every session. He has become the walking talking example of the man he set out to become when he decided to take responsibility for his health. Now, you might be curious how he did it? You might also be thinking, if he can do it maybe I can too. I think you can. Let’s explore the road to his success.

Recalling our original story, we designed a simple 5-step plan to accomplish his objective:

  • 1) Nutrition Education
  • 2) Joint/Movement Assessment
  • 3) Physical Training and Durability
  • 4) Psychological Assessment/Reassessment
  • 5) Recovery


While we were teaching Eliseo the basics of nutrition he started utilizing a healthy meal service to replace his meals with. After a while, he and his wife learned what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat after attending our advanced nutrition seminar. They started home cooking their meals with a Sunday prep-fest. They have gotten this down to a science, requiring only a short investment of their time once per week. This accelerated his weight loss and increased his energy and performance levels. He started to sleep better and feel better. Long gone were the days of random exhaustion, a sore back, and sore joints. He was restoring his life with each day that passed.

Joint/Movement Assessment

Recall that Eliseo had some shoulder pain among other physical limitations. After a 6-week shoulder specific program designed to rehabilitate his shoulder through mobility, flexibility, strengthening, and manual therapy, his shoulders no longer hurt while exercising. He’s built a strong and durable foundation to prevent future injuries from occurring. A short time ago, he also injured his back while moving into his new home. He immediately reverted back to his old methodology of guarding his injury and treating it with outdated approaches. We brought him back to the gym and within a week of treating his injury, he was back at it and hasn’t had an injury since.

Physical Training and Durability

Wolf Den Strength designs its training programs for durability. We want our membership to build resiliency to any curveball life throws at them. Anything short of that is just senseless exercise without purpose. Eliseo’s program was built on progression. We structure our training so that each session brings new challenges, both physical and psychological, one small step at a time. This is one of our major tradecrafts that distinguish us from every other gym in the area. Eliseo started to rebuild strength and durability. The foundation was being laid out for his success.

Psychological Assessment/Reassessment

Building confidence through progression. Remember how clumsy you were when you started your new job? Were you tossed into the lion’s den to sink or swim, or did you have a supportive mentor to help build you up and walk you through every step of the way? Eliseo received support every step of the way because it’s that important to us. Every question leads to more questions. We are here to answer them and provide guidance to success. No magic pill will be found here nor a stroke of egoism. Just the solid truth of where you’ve been, where you are, and what it takes to get you to the next level. While we build durability for the body, we build resiliency for the mind.


Along the way, Eliseo has employed recovery successful recovery strategies. At the start of his training, he started to go for long walks and bike rides on his days away from the gym. Remaining active, even in the face of total muscle soreness, is paramount to accelerating the recovery process. We started him on a nutritional supplement regiment that has been very effective. Eliseo learned that accountability outside of the gym is just as important as what he does within the gym.

At the time of the first post he had lost 20lbs. We can’t express how proud we are of his progress and embracing the transformative change he desired.

As of August 2016, he has lost a total of 56lbs and counting.



Our gym is only as good as the community of members we have and the results they attain. Our members are making great things happen and we want you to achieve great results too.


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Stay tuned for Eliseo’s future progress. We are excited to see his next chapter become a reality.

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