What if you could write your Doctor an honest and straightforward letter about how he/she can help you become a healthier & happier person? Would your Doctor take the time read it? Would your Doctor take the time to review it with you? Better yet, would your Doctor invest the time necessary to design and implement a plan to achieve it beyond writing a prescription or giving you a cookie cutter answer?

I would like for you to ponder what you would honestly say to your Doctor?

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

I thought of this recently because we often consider our gym members as more than just a paying client. We consider each person as a patient and an opportunity for change. We spend at least 3-5 hours a week with each Wolf Den member. That’s 12-20 hours a month, or 144-240 hours a year. That’s a long time talking with each member, watching how they move, observing the physical and mental changes they experience, and listening to their struggles and achievements.

Think for a moment if you were to spend 240 hours a year consulting with your Doctor about your health? How resilient would you be? How might that help you live longer, happier, and healthier?

We take each and every opportunity to inform and educate our membership about any number of their health concerns. It goes way beyond just training & nutrition advice. What we know, we advise. What we don’t know, we research and work with other local professionals such as Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Mental Health Counselors to help each member achieve a global approach to living a better life.

It’s called a Continuum of Care. It requires work but it’s one of the reasons we created the Pack family. A place where someone can take their first steps in becoming stronger, healthier, and more resilient physically and mentally.

At Wolf Den Strength you are more than a member. You are a patient, a friend, and part of a larger family. You also become part of an informal clinic of sorts where your health issues will be heard and supported by someone with years of medical experience. It’s a starting point and we want you to take your first steps.

Join us. We are waiting to help you too.