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BUILD is now a continuous running program with 3 sessions per week.








BUILD Training Group








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As men & women, we wear many hats. Daughter, son, spouse, parent and friend. It’s difficult to find balance let alone maintain it. Sometimes, it seems our days turn into weeks, months and years before we realize the almost robot-type repetition of our day to day lives. It’s likely to rob us of our energy, our joy, our health and deprive us of hope at our very core. We begin to feel lost and overwhelmed. We know deep within ourselves that we desire change. To find the balance.  What’s holding us back?




When Wolf Den first opened its doors in 2014, we had a vision of creating and developing a unique environment where members would be provided with the opportunity to better themselves. A program designed to overcome challenges and fears. A facility to train our minds and focus on possibilities instead of difficulties.








Through this process, we learn how to gain confidence through our accomplishments. WE GROW FROM THE CHALLENGE.








Wolf Den Strong is a place of achieving health, strength, and excellence that spills over into every aspect of our lives. Wolf Den provides its members a supportive training ground where we take off all those hats and leave them at the door without judgment. We foster encouragement, camaraderie, and a common ground to step out of our comfort zone. We expect you to become better than yesterday and even better tomorrow.








We believe that people have a deep-rooted desire to achieve an optimal mind-body connection. Our goal is to create an ideal environment for growth where that connectivity is recognized as an evolutionary process. We declare that WE ARE STRONG and CAPABLE.








The BUILD training program recognizes the need to piece together all the aspects of building strong bodies, eating well, overcoming obstacles, and harnessing the primal impact the mindset has on everything we do. BUILD is so much more than physical training. It’s a breeding ground for developing the relentless pursuit of self-discovery. It’s a place to discover who you are, how deep you are willing to go, and what you are willing to leave on the floor.








BUILD consists of training 3x/per week each Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The training provides you with superior instruction within a group setting. BUILD is designed to be a general fitness program alternative to our PRIME Training Group. The progressive nature of the BUILD Training Group fosters an opportunity for self-exploration and evaluation. We will help you realize that your potential is subject to the choices you make and the resolve you develop; free of other’s judgements but not free of standards. It’s a process and one that will be explored individually and with the support of the group dynamic.








We invite you to look at your life objectively. Can you do better?








Join the men & women in the BUILD Training Group today!

Join the BUILD Training Group Today!