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Discover the Best Health Optimization & Strength Training Facility in Alachua!

Wolf Health & Performance Group has one objective. We want to raise the bar from “Standard of Care” to “Excellence of Care.” We are health preventative experts and deliver on improving your life in every way. Your health is a complex system. We saw the need to improve what the medical profession simply could not. That is, a facility that specializes in proactive health optimization to avoid and prevent illness rather reactive mediocre care when it’s too late and you’re already sick. Why should we wait to get sick in the hopes that we can get better? Why not live a longer & healthier life with all the services under one roof? We are the answer.

Conveniently located right off of 441 between Gainesville & Alachua in the Alachua Professional Center. Wolf Health Group has earned its way to success in the field on health and longevity by offering a variety of health focused services under one roof. Our comprehensive anti-aging and integrative medicine center helps men and women regain optimum health and vitality so that they can enjoy a great quality of life. My HealthMatrix Alachua offers Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Testosterone Therapy, thyroid and cardiovascular health, adrenal and sexual health, medical weight loss and gut health, and Type II Diabetes and pre-diabetes reversal. Our adjacent 4000sqft training facility offers services in strength & cardio-respiratory training (Group Training & Personal Training), middle and high school Sports Performance, Functional Rehab. TÜCH Bodywork & Massage Therapy and Mental Health Counseling services to top it all off.

We are here to help and happy to serve all your Health Optimization needs. Contact us by phone 352.757.2711 or email to discuss how we can help.

Strength Training

Services in physical strength and cardio-respiratory training (group & 1-on-1), sports training, and functional rehab.

My HealthMatrix Alachua

Our highly personal and comprehensive approach to optimal health integrates whole-person health by elevating preventive health. We offer services in Bioidentical Hormone & Testosterone Replacement Therapy, thyroid and cardiovascular health, sexual and adrenal health, long-term weight managment and gut health, Type II Diabetes and pre-diabetes reversal, brain health & stress management. We are the definition of optimal health services all under one roof.

Massage Therapy

The Art of using TOUCH to promote healing and wellness.

Mental Health Counseling

John K. Pitkethly, MA, LMHC of Newberry Counseling Clinic specializes in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and ADHD in a comfortable, welcoming environment.