We take your complete health seriously at Wolf Health & Performance Group. As such, it’s important to evaluate and, if necessary, address the whole body.

Q. What does a medical consult entail?

  • An extensive review of your current health, current medications, prior medical history and prior labs.
  • An official letter of request is sent to your primary care Dr or NP surmising our consult and recommendations for new labs and pharmacological interventions (if any at this time).
  • Patient draws labs and sends them to us.
  • We sit down with the patient and review the labs in-depth. Further discussion about pharma changes/additions. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Supplement implementation where necessary to optimize deficient areas.
  • Send follow-up letter to the same Dr/NP about changes and recommendations for pharma. At each junction, your Dr/NP is collaborating and making the diagnostic decisions but with our input.
Q. Why?

A. Simply put, because we are exceptional in improving metabolic disease from both a clinical and physical approach. Our medical training provides a huge opportunity to the client/patient to get an enormous amount of value to improve and optimize their health and longevity. Far more than your Doctor will provide. That’s guaranteed. Most Doctors love it when they are working with us because we get to take a much deeper dive and facilitate a degree of progress that the Doctor simply cannot offer. Everyone wins!

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